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The Reckoning (2014) 

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Director: John V. Soto
Starring: Jonathan LaPaglia, Hanna M. Lawrence

The trailer for this is a bit misleading. I thought this was going to have a supernatural or horror theme to the story, but instead turns out to be a crime / vigilante movie. It also felt like it was made for TV, with some pretty ordinary performances by the younger actors. I didn't mind Jonathan LaPaglia, he looked the part and I can see him do a big action film one day. He's got the goods to be a big star.

The film revolves around a teenage girl and her boyfriend who go on a vigilante revenge tour through the back streets of Perth. For some reason they film the whole thing and even have time to edit it. The SD card of the footage ends up in the hands of LaPaglia who plays an alcoholic cop. The footage plays along side the real movie and by the end I couldn't tell which was the better film.

Seriously. Why didn't the dumb ass cops just fast forward to the end of the footage that they found on the SD card. They could have saved themselves a lot of time and the audiences' too. The structure of the film with the cops playing out in real time what was happening through the eyes of the cop watching the footage back at the office was a bit silly. Also I felt the characters to be a little cliche and borrowed from past Hollywood flicks.
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The Reckoning (2014)
Reviewed by Roberto Di Donato on
Review and Trailer of movie The Reckoning
a vigilante revenge tour through the back streets of Perth...
Rating: 2.0