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The President (2014) 

 The President<br />
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Ratings: 3.50 / 5.00 from 2 People
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Director: Mohsen Makhmalbaf
Starring: Mikheil Gomiashvili, Dachi Orvelashvili

In an undisclosed country the dictatorship is overturned and the united opposition forces have taken the presidential palace.

The president and his young grandson are on the run, posing as street musicians to avoid capture as the bounty increases to $1,000,000.

This highly acclaimed co-production from Georgia, France and the UK, centres on the extraordinary love between an evil president and his grandson, and the presidentís ultimate realization that his downfall was directly attributed to his immoral treatment of the people.

Gritty but stylish, this drama showcases the dark side of human nature and the distressing horrors that escalate during a revolution.

The violence and riot sequences are frightening and so powerfully authentic, that themes of human suffering and tragedy resonate.

Exquisitely filmed with wonderful performances from Misha Gomiashvili (President) and Dachi Orvelashvili (grandson) this film is disturbing at times, notably in the final moments in which a suggested execution leads to the birth of democracy.
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The President (2014)
Reviewed by Roberto Di Donato on
Review and Trailer of film The President
The real dark side. Evil part of the world...
Rating: 4.0