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The Last Diamond (2014) 

 Le dernier diamant<br />
(2014) on IMDb

Ratings: 3.00 / 5.00 from 2 People
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Director: Eric Barbier
Starring: Yvan Attal, Berenice Bejo

The Last Diamond is showing at the 2015 Australian French Film festival and one to put on your calender if your going. It stars Berenice Bejo, who most English audiences will be familiar with as the girl from the Academy award winning silent movie "The Artist".

The film is about an elaborate plot to steel a cursed diamond during it's premier auction in Belgium. Yvan Attal stars as the leading robber who goes undercover as a consulting security specialist, only to find love get's in the way.

Not sure why? But the French do love stealing diamonds. The film has a very intricate plot that felt like it was written in reverse just to fill in the holes. Too many scenarios during the robbery could have failed if just one small thing didn't go their way. Also they seemed to make things up as they went. Making me think who was that and how did he fit into the film.

It's not a bad attempt, but not the flawless diamond that it strives to be. Felt like they tried to hard to make it all fit, and the ending was a little corny for my liking.
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The Last Diamond (2014)
Reviewed by Roberto Di Donato on
Review and Trailer of movie Le dernier diamant
Not bad but tries a little too hard to be convincing...
Rating: 2.5