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The Family (2016) 

 The Family<br />
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Ratings: 4.50 / 5.00 from 2 People
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Director: Rosie Jones
Starring: Jordan Fraser-Trumble, Anne Hamilton-Byrne

This exceptionally arresting documentary details the emergence of a sinister sect in Dandenong and Lake Eildon Victoria, where children were allegedly stolen at birth, starved, brain-washed, administered mind-altering drugs and beaten.

This sect known as The Family was founded by Anne Hamilton-Byrne in the 1960's, a delusional woman who was considered to be a reincarnation of God in female form by sect members. She operated this sect with the assistance of her husband Bill and an army of followers in high positions, until a police raid rescued these children from the torture and terror of this bush retreat in 1987.

Byrne's reasoning for founding this bizarre sect was 'to collect all the children before the Earth perished' and also claimed she loved these children. Byrne had their hair bleached and forced them to wear strange matching Von Trapp style clothing.

Compulsive viewing but simultaneously distressing, this documentary contains in-depth interviews with former detectives who spent many years painstakingly investigating the case. Audiences will be particularly moved by the interviews with former sect members who describe their years of torment while they were locked away and never permitted to socialize with the outside world.

Showcased are the mental scars the family had on the children as they transitioned into adults and the adverse effects of the investigation on the detectives who made it a mission to bring this woman to justice.

The demonic power of this seemingly caring but truly obnoxious woman is evident through the suicides, marriage breakups, drug addictions and destroyed lives which she bestowed upon these innocent children who 'just survived' their childhoods.

Beautifully filmed with an appropriately haunting musical score, this insightful documentary will anger audiences as they ultimately ask, 'Did justice prevail?'
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The Family (2016)
Reviewed by Mark Morellini on
Australian Review and Trailer of movie The Family
Crazy fucking person...
Rating: 3.5