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The Best Offer (2013) 

 La migliore offerta<br />
(2013) on IMDb

Ratings: 4.00 / 5.00 from 1 People
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AKA. La migliore offerta
Director: Giuseppe Tornatore
Starring: Geoffrey Rush, Jim Sturgess

The Best Offer is a haunting and romantic thriller filmed in Italy and set in the world of art. Geoffrey Rush plays the role of Virgil Oldman, an art auctioneer who is eccentric, pompous, and conceited who has never married, finding relationships with women impossible. He develops an obsession with a client, Claire - an heiress - a much younger lady who he communicates with over the phone and behind locked doors. He doesn’t see her face until much later, as she suffers from agoraphobia and demands isolation from society.

All is not as it seems in this story of love, deceit and obsession. Geoffrey Rush delivers a fine performance as a man who has never experienced love; a man who can easily detect a fake artwork but who finds it impossible to see through the fraudulence of fellow human beings. Sylvia Hoeks is mysterious as Claire, the lady who lives alone in the mansion. Audiences will be captivated throughout, guessing right til the final scene as to what is going on in this strange yet seemingly normal and loving relationship.

Exquisitely photographed, with a suitably atmospheric soundtrack, The Best Offer asks the question: Can love be faked? The film is extremely slow paced and feels far too long, but as the audience’s curiosity builds, so does their interest. Ardent viewers may predict the twist as clues are given - pay special attention to the strange handicapped dwarf lady who sits in the pub across the road from the mansion, seen throughout in the background - she plays a crucial role in the final stunning scenes.
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The Best Offer (2013)
Reviewed by Roberto Di Donato on
Review and Trailer of film La migliore offerta
The Best Offer asks the question: Can love be faked?...
Rating: 4.0