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Rush (2013) 

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Director: Ron Howard
Starring: Daniel Bruhl, Chris Hemsworth

Rush is an exhilarating, high speed, action, sports drama which details the true life merciless rivalry between professional car racing drivers James Hunt (Chris Hemsworth) and Niki Lauda ( Daniel Bruhl). Having met at the English Formula Three race in 1970, their desperate battle for supremacy continued until the Japanese Grand Prix in 1976.

Rush is the incredible story of courage, determination and the suffocating need to be world champion. Always just a few points apart, they competed in the Spanish, Italian and German Grand Prix until the world champion was decided at the Japanese Grand Prix.

Death defying, high speed racing sequences are prevalent in this deafening, octane charged film brilliantly directed by Ron Howard, which highlights the egotistical and competitive nature of the motor racing industry. Hemsworth delivers a strong performance showcasing his versatility as an actor and proving he can play characters apart from superheroes – “real” characters with human needs and emotions.

The theme unfolds as Hunt and Lauda realise their fierce competitiveness has been beneficial as it has brought out the best in each other. The soundtrack consisting of 70’s music from David Bowie and Steve Winwood amongst others compliments what is doubtlessly the best movie of the year. Not to be missed.
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Rush (2013)
Reviewed by Roberto Di Donato on
Review and Trailer of film Rush
Death defying, high speed racing, octane charged film by Ron Howard...
Rating: 4.0