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Magic Mike XXL (2015) 

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Director: Gregory Jacobs
Starring: Channing Tatum, Joe Manganiello

The sequel most red-blooded young females across the globe have been passionately anticipating has arrived and should justifiably ensure that temperatures escalate in cinemas everywhere. It's been 3 years since Mike (Channing Tatum) waved good-bye to the lady-killing and sinful stripper profession, a profession which he was regarded as being the king.

As the second installment commences, audiences come to realise that Mike & Brooke (Cody Horn) became an item but have since separated. Therefore, Mike re-assembles his old gang of masculine heart-throbs known as the Kings of Tampa and travel to Myrtle Beach to perform one final blow-out performance.

This comedy/drama has everything female audiences would expect from a film in this genre. Electrifying dance sequences, plenty of funny laugh-out moments, romance and most importantly desirable semi-clad gentlemen to increase their heartbeats. Magnetic and entertaining, this perfect date film should intimidate male audience members into racing off and purchasing gym memberships.

There were genuine moments of lukewarm hysteria at the Sydney premiere, as Mr Tatum walked the red carpet. Female fans waving, screaming and anticipating a fleeting look from the Hollywood star as he walked by. A teenager was heard screaming 'Iíll never wash my hand again' as he shook her hand.

A more accomplished film than the original, Magic Mike XXL is sure to break world box-office records and regardless that Magic Mike himself confirmed there wouldn't be a 3rd instalment during the Q&A, female fan bases are currently awaiting the next.
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Magic Mike XXL (2015)
Reviewed by Roberto Di Donato on
Review and Trailer of movie Magic Mike XXL
The girls love it...
Rating: 3.5