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Lasseters Bones (2013) 

 Lasseter's Bones<br />
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Director: Luke Walker
Starring: Luke Walker, Bob Lasseter

Lasseter’s Bones is an award winning Australian documentary which attempts to answer the question: Did Harold Lasseter discover a reef of gold in the Central Australian deserts? A diary found near his bones in the desert revealed he’d discovered gold worth millions – but is this true?

Bob Lasseter is Harold Lasseter’s 85 year old son who has effortlessly tried for years to solve this enigma, having embarked on endless explorations between 1966 and 2009. Filmmaker Luke Walker accompanies Bob Lasseter on a journey who attempts to trace his father’s footsteps, utilising information from newspapers of the day, old diary entries, historical societies, old family stories and even aboriginal tales.

Proving his father right is of vital importance, as Bob says it’s not about the money – “it’s important for the family that his name is cleared”. Was Lasseter a con-man who ripped off investors of his trips to relocate the gold? Many thought he was a liar and a fraud and mystery surrounded his death as it was alleged that he faked his death and fled to the USA.

Today modern technology including satellite imagery and magnetometers amongst others show that it’s impossible for gold to have ever formed in the areas where Lasseter alleged it was located – but can modern technology be wrong? Could Lasseter’s reef be more than just a myth? -- A riveting, absorbing and extraordinary documentary. Take this psychological journey & be baffled & especially stunned by the claims made in the final moments.
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Lasseters Bones (2013)
Reviewed by Roberto Di Donato on
Review and Trailer of the film Lasseters Bones
Australian documentary which attempts to answer the question Did Harold Lasseter discover a reef of gold...
Rating: 3.5