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Justin Biebers Believe (2013) 

 Justin Bieber's Believe<br />
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Ratings: -0.33 / 5.00 from 3 People
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Director: Jon M. Chu
Starring: Justin Bieber and Co

Fans of the incredibly talented Justin Bieber will be overwhelmed by this insightful and enjoyable documentary which delves into the behind the scenes of Bieberís sold out worldwide Believe tour. Concerts have played in 156 cities to an astounding 2.5 million fans. Every aspect in creating this mammoth tour is explored, from Bieber penning the songs, to the backup dancer auditions, choreography, staging and costuming.

Interviews with people who work closely with Bieber add light as to what makes this amazing talent tick and his parents offer in depth stories of family life away from the stress of touring and adoring fans. A close up and personal look at the "real" Justin Bieber is engaging as audiences learn he has been in love and had his heart broken like any other 19 year old. Normality is nonexistent as heís constantly being swooped by screaming fans.

Love him or hate him one thing is clear - Justin Bieber loves his music and his fans equally. Millions of girls around the globe worship the ground he walks on. He controls his career and plans to perform indefinitely whilst constantly trying to improve his craft. Excerpts from his concert are stunning and the heartfelt story of a dying girl's wish to meet Bieber WILL reduce viewers to tears.

Justin Bieber comes across as a level headed, sensitive, caring and loving person but in light of recent headlines many will ask: "Is he just putting on this nice boy image for the cameras?"
You be the judge
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Justin Biebers Believe (2013)
Reviewed by Roberto Di Donato on
Review and Trailer of the film Justin Biebers Believe
A close up and personal look at the real Justin Bieber...
Rating: 4.0