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It Follows (2015) 

 It Follows<br />
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Ratings: 2.50 / 5.00 from 2 People
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Director: David Robert Mitchell
Starring: Maika Monroe, Keir Gilchrist

Hugh (Jake Weary) is cursed, always followed by an entity which can take on the form of a friend, loved one, or even a stranger. If IT catches him he will be killed. He can pass it on onto others by sleeping with them, hence passes it onto Jay (Maika Monroe). She and her friends are aware and try to kill this entity.

This is not your conventional mainstream horror flick and is quite obviously filmed on a shoestring budget. It has all the qualities of an experimental film, containing bizarre extended camera shots and angles, and a soundtrack consisting of appropriate horror music (similar to 1978's Halloween) before inexplicably alternating to an irrelevant frisky score.

Highly cliched - why does the damsel-in-distress always run from safety into the dark n' desolate and why is she always wearing high stilettos when in chase and in this instant wearing them on the beach? Why is she and her friends watching horror movies on television during these strange occurrences?

Performances from the predominantly youthful cast are adequate and the usual scare tactics are utilized including sudden noises and visions. Special effects are produced as well as can be expected, considering the low budget.

The most terrifying aspect is when IT takes the form of different people, notably an old woman and man bursting through the door. That cheap feel is prevalent & silliness prevails as attempts are made to exterminate the entity via gun shots resulting in bloodshed! A DVD film feature, but only as a last resort.
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It Follows (2015)
Reviewed by Roberto Di Donato on
Review and Trailer of movie It Follows
Cheap and Cliche Horror...
Rating: 2.5