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Ratings: 5.00 / 5.00 from 1 People
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Director: Christopher Nolan
Starring: Tom Hardy, Harry Styles

This is unquestionably the best war drama of all time which realistically resonates the horrors of warfare and associated human suffering. Dunkirk is captivating from beginning to end and is a cinematic achievement which should be experienced by all film-goers regardless of nationality.

Set in 1940 and based on true events, the story surrounds the evacuation of 400,000 predominantly English soldiers from Dunkirk, a small coastal commune in North France.

The film contains little dialogue and suspense builds rapidly from the onset as the Germans surround the city and participate in assaults by air, sea and land.

Dark and atmospheric, writers agreed in the early stages of scripting that the story would concentrate solely on the terror at hand, purposely and effectively omitting the boring behind the scenes military boardroom events which engulf similar films of the same genre, with only a passing mention of Churchill.

This resulted in a film which incredibly stimulates all the senses, totally consumed by visually stunning and extremely loud land battles and aerial bombardments which shake the cinema (especially in 70MM) and will leave audiences firmly implanted at the edge of their seats.

Accelerating the suspense was also the decision to ensure that no German soldiers were seen on screen until the final few moments (a scene which will justifiably stun and anger audiences) and just concentrate on the devastation and sheer horror which they bestowed upon the stranded soldiers.

Intensively moving and effectively resonating the futility and stupidity of war, this grand war epic which contains a predominantly unknown cast, contains non-stop war action sequences and is flawless in all areas of production. A stimulating and memorable must-see film for all movie-goers.
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Dunkirk (2017)
Reviewed by Mark Morellini on
Australian Review and Trailer of movie Dunkirk
Best war drama of all time...
Rating: 4.5