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Dance Academy (2017) 

 Dance Academy: The Movie<br />
(2017) on IMDb

Ratings: 2.67 / 5.00 from 6 People
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Director: Jeffrey Walker
Starring: Miranda Otto, Keiynan Lonsdale

It’s not surprising that two-time Emmy nominated Australian TV series Dance Academy was transformed into a feature-length film. The TV series which saw the ups-and-downs of a group of teenagers as they journeyed through dance training at the National Academy Of Dance was a phenomenal world-wide success.

This stand-a-lone film continues eighteen months after the television series ended and traces the lives of the characters who are now living very different lives.

Fresh faces and the return of several of the original and much loved characters should ensure that first-time viewers (and the already established fan-base from the TV series) are mesmerized, ultimately transforming this film into a sure-fire hit.

A cast of respected performers including Miranda Otto, Tara Morice, Matt Day and Julia Blake support the predominantly young cast and provide a subtle enticement for older moviegoers to attend screenings.

Dance sequences are beautifully choreographed and filmed and the overall look and feel of the film is very impressive and surprisingly feels 'high budget'.

Quite obviously produced for the overseas market in mind, Dance Academy boasts several signature Sydney landmarks seemingly straight out of a travel brochure.

Masterfully produced this feel-good film has a sugar sweet and 'done so many times before' theme of following one's dream which should be ultra-effective on impressionable young children.

This new entry into fresh Australian cinema is perfect viewing for all movie-goers and is one of the most enjoyable films in this genre to surface in recent years.
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Dance Academy (2017)
Reviewed by Mark Morellini on
Australian Review and Trailer of movie Dance Academy
From the Australian TV show...
Rating: 3.5