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Austerlitz (2016) 

 Austerlitz<br />
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Director: Sergei Loznitsa
Starring: Documentary

It's impossible to categorize this film in any particular genre – there's no script, no cast of characters and minimal verbal exchange. It’s not a drama - definitely not a comedy or romance - nor does it classify as a documentary.

Alternating fixed cameras in various former Nazi concentration camps record herds of people's reactions, as they enter, many with prams and picnic lunches, walking around observing and listening to the local tour guides.

What evolves is a graphical representation of people's unintentional thoughtlessness and disrespect as they enter these camps, acting as if these former establishments of torture and murder are theme parks to be relished.

Most tourists are justifiably sombre, but many are seen to be smiling, laughing and yawning, taking selfies at the main gates and in front of the actual crematoriums where the bodies of thousands of innocent people were incinerated!

A teenager wears a tee-shirt with a highlighted logo: 'COOL STORY BRO' and a lady can be seen giggling and putting a water bottle on her head as a tourist guide tells of the horrors experienced on these grounds in another lifetime.

This film hits a nerve. It stirs many emotions and may incite anger among the more sensitive moviegoers. Audiences will ponder - should death camps become tourist attractions and should the countries be benefiting financially from war crimes committed?

How will families who have lost loved ones in death camps react to this film? This incredibly engaging and thought provoking cinematic event which is effectively filmed in black and white evokes angst and makes a harsh but realistic comment about human nature.
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Austerlitz (2016)
Reviewed by Mark Morellini on
Australian Review and Trailer of movie Austerlitz
Contiki contributed most of the actors for this...
Rating: 4.5