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54 Days (2014) 

 54 Days<br />
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Ratings: 1.67 / 5.00 from 3 People
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Director: Tim R. Lea
Starring: Michela Carattini, Dianna La Grassa

54 Days is an independent cult science fiction film from Australia that was originally made as an award winning short film. After leaving audiences wanting more, the director crowd sourced the funds and has not disappointed, with this feature length version that takes a deeper look at survival and human behavior.

The story is about 5 people that seek refuge in an old nuclear war bunker from the 1960's after an actual nuclear bomb hits Sydney. Not really built for so many people and with limited supplies the characters have some hard decisions to make and not many days to make them.

Because the characters are in such a confined setting you get a real good insight as they begin to fall apart. You just can't help think what you would do in their shoes. The film hints a little on how the war came about and I found that part also intriguing. I would have loved to take a peek outside to see what became of Sydney. Would make a great sequel.
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54 Days (2014)
Reviewed by Roberto Di Donato on
Review and Trailer of film 54 Days
Fantastic cult Australian Science Fiction Apocalyptic independent film...
Rating: 3.5