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21 Jump Street (2012) 

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Director: Phil Lord, Chris Miller
Starring: Jonah Hill, Channing Tatum

I walked into the cinema really wanting to enjoy this movie, however that wasn't to be. Not because my expectations were high, but because I thought I was watching a comedy, which in true definition is: something which is funny and will make you laugh. Unfortunately, this movie failed on both counts.

Loosely based on the hit 90s drama/crime television series of the same name, 21 Jump Street is about a couple of dumb and dumber cops who are sent undercover to discover who is supplying students with drugs at a high school. There was potential here for some really funny situations and funny dialogue, however the writers seemed to think that the use of infinite swearing and the inclusion of immature gutter level humour constituted as comedy. Admittedly there are a few scenes that garner a chuckle or two from the audience, but they are few and far in between.

Channing Tatum could potentially have made a successful transition from romantic to comic lead had he picked the right script, however he was extremely limited given the low grade material he had to work with. Johnny Depp makes a surprise appearance reprising his role from the television series and this was one of the films few redeeming features. Save your cash. Watch the very, very, very, very dated 80s Police Academy movies... at least you'll get some REAL laughs.
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21 Jump Street (2012)
Reviewed by Roberto Di Donato on
Review and Trailer of the film 21 Jump Street
gutter level humour constituted as comedy...
Rating: 2.0