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Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps (2010)

Movies On Demand

How to stream movies and TV shows directly to your home.

The day's of the video store are numbered. Current broadband speeds can now allow movies to be downloaded direct to your home via the internet with amazing 1080p High Definition... No more trips to the video store, no more late returns.
In a way it's a little bit sad, but at the end of the day the convenience and speed, plus the luxury of being able to search for what you want in seconds is fantastic. The future is now & it's called IPTV. Here are the major players that are now offering movies on demand and how they do it. You will be amazed at actually how cheap it is compared to the old day's.
APPLE TV™ streams movies and TV shows via their iTunes stores across the world. You can only get access via their Apple TV box that talks directly to your iTunes account. Unlike other devices it is locked and has no USB input to play your own content, but you can jailbreak it and it's worth doing as their menu system is one of the best.

Note that the latest Apple TV 3 cannot be jailbroken yet, so you will need to buy Apple TV 2 Some already jailbroken for sale on Ebay.

The menu system is the best of all IPTV... flag  flag  flag  flag  flag  flag  flag 

AMAZON INSTANT VIDEO Amazon do not just sell books! Their instant movies and TV shows direct to your television (no computer needed) is very popular, with a large range of compatible devices, and over 100,000 available titles direct to your TV. Their Amazon Prime Membership has unlimited movies and a free Kindle book

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Sony™   Tivo™   Visio™   XBOX 360™   Windows Media Center™   Apple Mac™

Check out if your device is compatible. Complete list of compatible devices
Amazon is slowly taking over the world! flag  flag  flag  flag  flag  flag  flag  flag  flag